Cooling System for Water Dispenser With 2L Tank




Our cooling system can be used in the  Water Dispenser

Technical Data of Compressor(customizable)

Refrigerant: R134a

Displacement: 2.85cm³

Suction Pipe: 6.1mm

Process Pipe: 6.1mm

Discharge Pipe: 4.9mm

Compressor Cooling: Nature Cooling

Refrigerant Control: Capillary Tube

Application: M/LBP

Oil/Oil Charging Amount: 90ml

Weight(with oil charge): 3.8±0.30kg


Cooling Capacity(W): ≥65×95%    50HZ

                                   ≥77×95%    60HZ

Power Input(W): ≤75×115%    50HZ

                           ≤72×115%    60HZ

COP(W/W): ≥0.87×95%    50HZ

                   ≥1.07×95%    60HZ

 Running Current(A): ≤0.73×110%    50HZ

                                  ≤1.07×110%    60HZ


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