New Slush Machine




    New Slush Machine with 12 liters bowl, and in one to three bowl configurations. Designed for chilling, freezing and serve cold and frozen drinks including slushes, granitas, sorbet, milk-based, smoothies, frozen cocktails etc. With the most advanced technology, the sugar content only requires 5% minimum. Alcohol below 20 degrees can be added into the bowl directly. The basic models are suitable for indoors use (Ambient range: 5 ℃ ~ 32 ℃ ) and the models for tropical or outdoors use are available. The machine is easy-to-use, easy –to-clean and easy-to- maintain.


▶Easy – to – use controls include a slush model with consistency control or frozen drinks model with temperature control
▶Each bowl is independently controlled, and easy to take off for clean
▶Removable spigot, easy to take off and clean
▶Low sugar content demand 5% minimum
▶Low noise level 60 dB
▶Tropical models are available , can be operating in ambient 43
▶Adjustable LED light colors, provide the frozen drinks with the optimum attractive display color
Hot gas defrost for the evaporator cylinder, avoiding freezing block on auger
▶With regeneration model, keep the slushes always in a optimum consistency
New Improvements
↓Approximate 60% reduction on sugar demand
↓Approximate 14 % reduction on noise level

Technical Parameters

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