Juice Dispenser





▶High transparent, high density anti-cracking polycarbonate bowl, BPA free
▶High quality hermetic compressor with low noise less than 55 db
▶Reliable, durable magnetic paddles system , stirring the juice quietly and smoothly, maintaining the best taste of juice. Avoiding the leaking & motor problem caused by the traditional mixing motor (Stirring Type)
▶Reliable, durable spray system , maintaining the best taste of juice (Jet Type)
▶Environment-friendly CFC-free refrigerant R134a or R290
▶Controlled by digital controller, precisely and individually managing the temperature of each bowl, making sure even cooling, avoiding ice block on the evaporating cylinder once one of the bowls run out
▶High-end mirror stainless steel front panel matching different colors of the plastic side panels, lids. (S/S side panels for options)
▶Except for five basic side panel colors (black, yellow, green, grey and white), other customized colors are available

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