No Frost Aluminum Evaporator




Working Principle

In NO FROST type refrigerators, the humidity in the cabinet is collected as ice on special evaporators, and then it is defrosted automatically and discharged to the outside in the form of water at certain intervals. The defrosting is done via various types of heater elements, and the sequence is controlled by special control elements attached to the evaporators.


Refrigerator , Drinking-water cooler Dispenser,Freezer,Water dispenser,Wine Cooler,Air Cooler so on.


We have different models evaporators ,Wire Tube Evaporator and Roll bond Evaporator .Those are our popular models .Roll bond Evaporator contains single side and double side.(Depends on your requirements)

Our evaporator price is very competitive , and price is much different because of the different technical drawings between each model , so there must be one model which is suitable for your market .

Product Inquiry

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