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Are air conditioning fans an IQ tax

 Air conditioning fan is a kind of household appliance with fan and air conditioning mode,which has the functions of cooling,dehumidification and cold compress.The air conditioning fan is not an IQ tax,but the following points need to be noted before purchase:1.The actual function of the air conditioning fan is not as good as advertised,the price is relatively high,and the cost performance is not high.2.Buy air conditioning fans need to pay attention to brand and quality,there are many brands and models on the market,you need to choose guaranteed products.3.Air conditioning fan is only an auxiliary tool,can not completely replace air conditioning,hot weather or need to use air conditioning or other cooling equipment.In summary,the air conditioning fan is not an IQ tax,but it is necessary to pay attention to product quality and brand selection before purchase,and it is necessary to choose the use time according to the actual situation when using.