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New refrigeration technology for industrial chiller

At present, the new refrigeration technology of industrial chiller mainly includes the following:

1 Frequency conversion speed regulation technology: by controlling the speed of the compressor to adjust the cooling capacity, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

2. Screw compressor technology: The screw compressor is used as the compressor of the refrigeration unit, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise and high reliability.

3, multi-unit technology: multiple chiller joint work, according to the need to achieve stepless adjustment, improve the stability and reliability of the chiller.

4. Intelligent control technology: The use of advanced intelligent control system, real-time monitoring of the operating status of the refrigeration system through sensors to achieve intelligent control and optimize operating efficiency.

5, new refrigerant technology uses new refrigerants, such as environmentally friendly refrigerants R134a, R407C, etc., with environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and other characteristics.