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"Baking" mode drives "refrigeration" home appliances to sell well

 Our reporter Jiang Xuehua article/photo

 The dog days of summer are unbearable.Raocheng citizens in order to prevent heat and cool down have to buy air conditioners,fans and other refrigeration appliances,"baking"mode to drive"refrigeration"appliances sold.

 On July 19,the smart electric appliance city in Guangxin District,air conditioning and other refrigeration equipment were affixed with prominent promotional signs,which attracted many citizens to buy."Recently,the number of customers who came to the store to buy air conditioners and electric fans has increased significantly,especially the sales of air conditioners."Sales consultants said that as the hot weather continues after the fall of the season,air conditioners,electric fans,refrigerators and other sales have ushered in the hottest season of the year."Recently the weather is very hot,just encountered the air conditioning promotion,the price is more cost-effective,I plan to replace the old home."Ms.Li,a citizen who is buying air conditioners,said.

 In the Suning Tesco Shangrao sales store,the reporter saw that air conditioners,fans,refrigerators and other hot appliances were concentrated in the store in a prominent position.Among them,air conditioning has become the"darling"of the household appliance consumer market in the summer,a variety of air conditioning cabinets,hangers,so that the public to come to consult,buy dazzling,shopping malls also take the opportunity to launch a variety of promotional activities to attract customers to buy.The sales consultant told reporters that from the sales situation,the public is more inclined to choose healthy,comfortable,safe and energy-saving refrigeration products this summer.Mr.Gu,a citizen,said:"The heat is unbearable,and I have always wanted to change the air conditioner with better cooling effect for the child's room."Today just free,so came to buy,chose an energy-saving and cost-effective air conditioning,I also feel very satisfied."According to the store manager,since the store entered July,air conditioning sales ushered in explosive growth,the most time,a day can sell more than 30 air conditioners,more than 20 typhoon fans."Today's air conditioners have many new features.Air conditioners with fresh air systems,anti-direct blowing functions and new energy efficiency,energy efficiency and quiet features are the most popular among customers.""Said the shop manager.

 Ms.Lin,who has operated home appliances in Guangxin District for more than 30 years,told reporters that as people pay more attention to health and air quality,buying air conditioners is becoming more"picky".From the function point of view,the main health,can achieve air exchange and filtration function of fresh air conditioning is popular.Especially this year,some air conditioners with fresh air ventilation function are quite market.While air conditioning is hot,some of the accompanying peripheral products are also sold well,such as air conditioning fans,humidifiers,and small household appliances,etc.,and sales are also rising.

 Heat prevention and cooling safety first!Recently,the temperature is on the high side,the relevant professionals remind the general public friends,in the use of refrigeration appliances to relieve the summer heat and cool at the same time,pay attention to the safety of electricity,choose the appropriate temperature,science,health,moderate enjoyment of refrigeration appliances to bring cool.