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How does the chiller select ingredients

 First,the key factors of choosing a refrigerator

 When choosing a refrigerator,you need to choose according to the following factors:

 1.Space size:Choose according to the space size of the refrigeration equipment to avoid too large or too small,affecting the refrigeration effect;

 2.Power consumption:Choosing low power chiller can save energy cost;

 3.Life:Choose a long life,high quality refrigerator can reduce maintenance costs;

 4.Noise:Choose a low-noise refrigerator to reduce noise pollution.

 Second,the influence of the refrigerator on the ingredients

 The refrigerator is the core part of the refrigeration equipment,and the correct use of the refrigerator can reduce the loss of food materials.At the same time,the refrigerator will also have an impact on the freshness and taste of the ingredients,as follows:

 1.Freshness:the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator have a certain impact on the freshness of the ingredients.It is recommended to classify different ingredients and store them to adjust the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator to avoid cross contamination.

 2.Taste:The ingredients placed in the refrigerator for a long time may lose their original taste,so it is necessary to pay attention to the storage time and eat fresh ingredients as soon as possible.


 In order to ensure the freshness and taste of the ingredients,it is recommended to:

 1.Select the refrigerator correctly and choose according to the use needs;

 2.Classify and store ingredients to avoid cross contamination;

 3.Pay attention to the temperature and humidity Settings of the refrigerator;

 4.Eat fresh ingredients as soon as possible to avoid loss.

 In short,the refrigerator has a great impact on the freshness and taste of the ingredients,and choosing the right refrigerator and using it correctly can provide protection for a healthy diet.