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How to choose the freezer? After reading these, you will understand!

Freezers are one of the essential appliances in the family, but many babies do not know how to choose when they buy freezers. Today, let Xiao Ao share with you how to choose a freezer ~

① Choose air cooling or direct cooling:
Preference for air-cooled refrigerators, no frost, and even refrigeration, of course, straight cold refrigerators are not bad, cheap and easy to use
② Choose horizontal or vertical:
Horizontal freezers are cheap, cost-effective, vertical freezers occupy a small area, reasonable zoning, but the price is relatively expensive
③ Choose mechanical temperature control or computer temperature control
Preferentially choose computer temperature control, compared with mechanical temperature control, computer temperature control is more accurate, and real-time digital display, better temperature control
④ Liner material
The alloy liner is preferred, which is more durable than the traditional embossed aluminum plate, and the load-bearing capacity is stronger, and the care is also very convenient
⑤ Refrigeration capacity
Refrigeration capacity is an important indicator to measure the freezer, the stronger the refrigeration capacity under the same capacity, the faster the frozen ingredients, more transparent
⑥ Capacity and energy consumption
For household use, the capacity is enough in 100-300L, and must look at the energy consumption level, preferentially choose a level of energy efficiency, energy saving